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The rules of the game

  1. General provisions
  2. Prohibited forms of participation in the Game

  1. General provisions
    1. The creator of the Game, and at the same time its Administrator is Tomasz Furca.

    2. The creator of the game obliges all Users to strictly obey these Regulations. The fact of starting the game means his acceptance - ignorance of the rules will not affect abolishing the penalty or reducing it.

    3. The administrator is not responsible for:
      • any damage or losses suffered by the Player in connection with the participation of the game,
      • mistakes or difficulties with access to the game,
      In the above-mentioned cases, Users are not entitled to any claims or compensation.

    4. The player is responsible for his own account and everything that happens to him.

  2. Prohibited forms of participation in the Game
    1. In the Knights system, four forms of penalties are provided for breaking the Regulations and for conducting dishonest game. It is:
      • First block = 2 days
      • Second block = 7 days
      • Third block = 30 days
      • Fourth block = Account suspended

    2. Illegal forms of the game are punishable with a permanent ban:
      1. Using programs to facilitate the game (ie bot, macros, or clickers) and from additions to browsers (eg automatic page refresh).
      2. Using errors in the game - Each Player is obliged to notify the Administrator of such fact.
      3. Trading for money.
      4. Robbing others, cheating.
      5. Character trade.

    3. Prohibited forms of punishment are account lock:
      1. Insulting other players at the Post Office, Tavern or Tavern, or extorting anything, threats, scaring etc.
      2. Sharing account access.
      3. The use of offensive names / images of characters, guilds or monsters in the tab Breeding.
      4. Agitation in electoral announcements for other characters.

    4. In situations not contained in the Regulations, the Administrator may decide to punish the Player if his                 the proceedings will work to the detriment of the Game or other Players.

    5. There is a possibility of cancellation of penalties in special cases. In this case, please contact                 Administrator of the Game via the Contact tab with a reliable description of the situation within 5 days from the date of the imposition                 sanctions. The administrator can make such decisions in agreement with Game Masters, he can revoke the penalty either                 stop it without giving a reason.